Holt County, Missouri

Easter Cemetery
(Bigelow Township)

      A few broken and displaced headstones, are all that is left, from what was once the Easter Cemetery. Apparently, the cemetery itself was plowed over. These few headstones, along with some broken stones, were rescued by the Holt County Historical Society. They now reside at the Fortescue Church.

If you have any information about these stones, please contact; Holt County Coordinator.

Headstones include:

Sarah E. Chaney, Born January 29, 1866, Died June 16, 1866

Mekey J. Chaney, Born February 21, 1869, Died August 31, 1878

Manda Chaney, Born September 15, 1871, Died, September 4, 1877

Elizabete J. Farmer?, Born January 6, 1832, Died December 6, 1869

Sarah J. Farmer?, Born October 3, 1862, Died October 4, 1862
(The last name on this stone is very difficult to read)

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