Holt County, Missouri
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Holt County was organized January 29, 1841; from a territory of the Platte Purchase. It is located in the northwest corner of Missouri. bounded on the north by Atchison County; on the northeast by Nodaway County and on the southeast by Andrew County.

The Missouri River forms a natural boundary to the south and west. Across the Missouri River to the west is Richardson County, Nebraska; to the south is Doniphan County, Kansas.

Holt County was originally named Nodaway County; however, the name changed seventeen days later, to honor David Rice Holt, a Missouri Legislator, who died during the legislative session.

Towns in Holt County are; Bigelow, Big Lake, Corning, Craig, Forest City, Fortescue, Maitland, Mound City, and Oregon. The county seat is Oregon.

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