Holt County, Missouri
Sauer Cemetery

(Bigelow Township)

(Francis Xvaier Sauer donated 1 acre for cemetery, 1879)

Photos courtesy of Alan Brown
with the help of Norma and Sally, Holt County Historical Society, at
the June 1, 2016

One acre was originally dedicated for this small, unkept Catholic Cemetery. If you know of additional burials here, please contact the Holt County Coordinator.

Burials include:

Anna Sauer, 1865-1879

Infant Son of Adolph and Elizabeth Sauer, 1907

Thomas Martinosky 1870-1889

Joseph Martinosky 1835-1892

Anna Mary Kraft Born June 17, 1803 Died October 3, 1879 (76 yrs., 3m, 16 days)

Henry K. son of H. H. Laukemper Born November 2, 1863 Died May 31, 1882 (18 yrs., 6m, 29 days)

Anna Maggie Laukemper Born April 30, 1869 Died Dec 1, 1880 (11 yrs., 7m, 1 day)

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