Abandoned School
Holt County, Missouri


Name of School
BentonBagby School Kimsey CreekHistorical Location
Benton Township's First School Kimsey CreekHistorical Location
Blan School Kimsey Creek
Brush College Number One School Kimsey Creek Historical Location
Center School Mound City
Franklin School Mound City
Gordon School Mound City
Grosen School Mound City
Harmony School Mound City
Kimsey School Kimsey Creek
Lincoln School Kimsey Creek
Mineral Springs School Mound City Historical Location
Minnesota Valley School Mound City
Monticello School Kimsey Creek
Mound City School Mound CityHistorical Location
Oakland School Kimsey Creek
Pine Hill School Mound City
Pleasant Hill School Mound City Historical Location
Ross Grove School Mound City
Shiloh School Kimsey Creek
Squaw Creek School Mound City Historical Location
Union School Kimsey Creek
Bigelow Cottonwood School Big Lake State ParkHistorical Location
Elm Grove School Big Lake State Park Historical Location
Exodus School Big Lake State Park Historical Location
Glendale School Big Lake State Park Historical Location
Walnut Grove School Big Lake State Park Historical Location
Clay Clay Township's First School Clay Township Historical Location
Crossen School Maitland Abandoned
Eureka School Maitland
Marion School New Point
Kings Grove School Maitland
Richland School Maitland
Rising Sun School Maitland
Richville School New Point
Triumph School New Point
Forbes Forbes Township First School Forbes
Culp School Forbes Abandoned
Highland School Forbes
Mayflower School Forbes Historical Location
Monarch School Forbes
Oak Grove School Forbes Abandoned
Pierce School Forbes Abandoned
White School Forbes Abandoned
Wood School Forbes Historical Location
Burr Oak School White Cloud Abandoned
Hickory Hickory Township's First School Hickory Historical Location
Lewis Bluff City School Oregon Abandoned
Chambers School Oregon Historical Location
Forest City School Forest City Historical Location
Lewis Township's First School Lewis Historical Location
Oregon First School Oregon
Oregon Normal School Oregon
Schaefer School Oregon Historical Location
Lincoln Center School Corning Historical Location
Kelso School Corning Abandoned
Lake Shore School Corning Now used as Community Center
Marietta School Corning
Star School Corning Abandoned
Minton Fortescue Minton Historical Location
Idlewild SchoolSouth of Fortescue Abandoned
Nodaway Nodaway First SchoolNodawayHistorical Location
Union Bellevue School Craig Abandoned
Brush College School Craig Abandoned
Cherrydale School Craig Historical Location
Craig School Craig
Craig High School Craig
Dale Center School Craig Historical Location
Liberty School Craig Historical Location
Lonesome School Craig Abandoned
Summit School Craig Historical Location
Wild Rose School Craig Historical Location
Divide School Unknown
Hogrege School Unknown
Huston School Unknown
Mount Pleasant School Unknown
Mount Sinai School Unknown
New Liberty School Unknown
North Center School Unknown
Old Mann School Unknown
Pollack School Unknown
Richland School Unknown
Sharpes Grove School Unknown
South Center School Unknown
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